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3. Selling When Your Next Waco Texas Home is Not for Sale

My Next Home

Selling When You Can’t Find A New Home to Buy

We thought for certain that sellers would be jumping on the opportunity to sell their homes and reap the financial reward of competing offers. Surprisingly the opposite occurred: sellers were nervous about finding their next home and delayed selling. What if they listed their home and it sold too fast before they could find another one?

But What If…

There is a fear that currently paralyzes home owners’ ability to list their homes for sale, despite their strong desire to make a move. In the current market the sellers hold the upper hand due to low levels of inventory. The Texas Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University currently shows a 31.3% reduction in inventory levels compared to last year. With so few homes on the market, buyers are forced to compete with each other.

Buyers and Sellers and Bears Oh My (OK Maybe Not Bears…)

Typically, this type of buyer is “not ready” to buy. Historically a seller-buyer would list their home and then wait to look for a new one until the current home was under contract. Now with the decrease in home inventory, real estate professionals have to change their way of thinking. Coming soon listings, contingencies, elongated contracts, and bridge loans help this new breed of buyer-seller fill the gap.

Bringing it Home, Literally

Bringing it Home, Literally

Some of the strategies we use to help you succeed in this unique market are-

  • Custom contract language
  • Contingencies
  • Thorough Evaluation of Buyer’s Negotiating Position
  • Packaging and Presentation of the Offer

Educate yourself! Who you work with matters! Ask the Waco Home Team real estate professionals for help.

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