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7. Make your Waco, TX home say “BUY ME!”

A Move-In Ready Home Sells For More

Cleaning and Staging Tips

CLEAN & STAGE- Make it sell itself

Time to make your home sell itself. A clean and well-staged home sells faster than one that isn’t. Don’t let your home sit on the market when it’s easy to make it sparkle. Just a little elbow grease can make a huge difference.

Don’t take this lightly, this is the best if you want to get your home sold fast: wipe the baseboards, vacuum the kitchen drawers, and throw away those empty soap bottles – you’re not going to need them! If the interior needs painting and you aren’t going to do it, then at least provide the new owner with a clean surface.

Get the Home Move-In Ready

Change the air filter, clean the lint off the vents and light fixtures, clean the windows, remove the screens and get those pesky spider webs…you get the idea.


You want to make the home look like you just moved in. Putting everything in its place and getting unnecessary items off the countertop will make the home look like there is plenty of space. Clean out those cabinets so only the essentials are left. Empty cabinets give the impression of plentiful storage. If you still need help, hire our partner Neat as a Pin organizing professional Jennifer Snyder to get you started and create a plan for success. We know that it is tough, but be brutally honest with yourself and be prepared to donate those stored away items that you haven’t used in years.

Make Your House Say “Buy Me”

Now you may be asking, can we just hire a professional to clean before the new buyer moves in? Shouldn’t the buyer be able to look past the dirt? Maybe, but they don’t. Remember, buyers make decisions based on perception and emotion. A dirty house is perceived as a poorly maintained house, regardless of whether or not that is the case. If you want your home to sell quickly, do yourself a favor and CLEAN!

For a prepping to sell cleaning checklist, click H E R E.

Professional Photography

Ultimately the person who decides the market value is the buyer who will use any number of variables, both factual and emotional, to make an offer. Pricing a home correctly for a given market is critical. An appraisal is, still, only a tool to start the process. NextHome Our Town offers three distinct pricing strategies based on the data available in both the comparative and competitive analyses. Our NextHomies will use their professional expertise and market savvy to help you attain your goals.

First Impressions are CRITICAL

Because we want to make sure the photos of your home tell the right story, we do not treat professional photography as optional or an add on package. We want to provide an outstanding customer experience to each and every one of our sellers, so we include professional photography with all of our listings at no additional cost. So many buyers will decide to tour your home from the data they gather online. professional photography is key. 

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