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Remodel or Repair

6. Remodel or Repair- What Buyers Want Most


Into the Minds of Today’s Home Buyer

There are numerous resources on what buyers want when building a new home – open kitchens, energy efficiency, and outdoor living spaces just to name a few. What is not available is the psychological and emotional process a buyer goes through when viewing a potential new home and what assumptions buyers make based on first impressions.

The Mind of a Buyer:

  • Buyers shop by the process of elimination – they look for reasons not to buy instead of looking for options and possibilities
  • Buyers make assumptions about the mechanical and structural condition of the home based on aesthetics
  • Buyers overestimate the cost and time of even small do-it-yourself projects
  • Because they are usually short on time, buyers lack vision to see the possibilities
  • Buyers are looking for the most bang for the buck, and are willing to pay full price for it

Don’t Take it Personally

It is easy for sellers to get offended when someone else doesn’t fully appreciate their home. Detaching yourself and taking an objective look is essential when preparing to list your home. There are some easy ways a seller can easily prepare for the modern buyer, give your home mass appeal without breaking the bank.

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  2. Hire a TREC licensed home inspector and make recommended repairs (We could link this to a list of inspectors)
  3. Simple landscaping: weed and trim, add a pop of seasonal color, and add fresh mulch
  4. Power wash the exterior, driveway, screens, and sidewalks
  5. Paint the front door
  6. Replace the carpet with a neutral color

If you still have concerns about what may expedite the sales process and reduce nit-picky nickel and dime negotiations, please call us at 254-855-9500.

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