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What is Home Staging?

What is Home Staging?

CLEAN & STAGE – Staging Tips

Staging is the art of arranging and decorating a home in a way that allows it to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Some owners take this advice as an insult to their personal style. The intention is to get the home to a neutral state so that a buyer can see how their own flare could fit.

A home cluttered and personalized creates visual road blocks that a buyer must overcome before they can visualize themselves living in the space. If a buyer detests deer heads mounted on the wall, its likely they will make unwarranted assumptions about you and your home. Even less extreme decor, such as an accent wall, can lend a certain emotion.

Staging Works!

Research shows staging makes a sizeable difference in the sales price of your home. In the 2015 Home Staging Profile survey by the National Association of REALTORS, 96% of REALTORS believe that staging made an impact on their buyers. Staging also plays a role in photos, increasing a buyer’s desire to walk through staged homes they see online.

Staging does not have to come at a huge expense. There are hundreds of tips for low-cost improvements. Taking this extra step can significantly improve your net at closing since staging affects how buyers perceive the value of a home, and first impressions play a huge role in the initial offer. Most REALTORS believe that staging allows for a 1-5% increase in sales price – some say as high as 10% depending on the home.

How to Stage Your Home

  • Declutter, pre-pack, and depersonalize – yes even those beloved deer heads must go.
  • Arrange furniture so it serves a purpose; remove extra pieces and heirlooms that don’t add to the functionality of the space.
  • Highlight a special feature with additional lighting.
  • Create light by removing heavy window coverings, adding lamps, or repainting dark colored walls with a light neutral color.

If you just don’t know where to start, hire a professional.

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